Purple Goat



Calling all coffee addicts! Salvation has come to Hillarys and the surrounding suburbs. Purple Goat coffee is prepared by trained baristas from organic fair-trade beans. We pride ourselves on a great brew because we know there should be no compromise!

Blending Now:

Organic blend of Papua New Guinea/Nicaragua origin. Structure: Bright acidity with immediate fruit sweetness. Aroma: strong, sweet, dried fruit. Blend Characteristics: 100% Arabica, medium-roasted with bold fruit flavours. Bright acidity on initial tasting. Medium body delivering zesty citrus tones with a lingering dark chocolate taste on finish.

And The Goat…?

There’s a story that says coffee beans were first discovered by a goat (no mention of its colour). A goat herder by the name of Kaldi in ancient Ethiopia noticed his goats became quite excited after they nibbled on the berries of a coffee bush. Sounds plausible? We’re going with it…

* We Do Not Allow Any Food From Outside In Our Cafe *

Surcharge on public holiday 15%